Not only did For Honor receive a great showing for its single player campaign gameplay, but there's also a gorgeous cinematic trailer to feast your eyes on that provides insight into the game's world and how it came to be. Considering we're suckers for alternate history, we really hope it builds strongly on its promising premise.

The trailer shows how a cataclysmic earthquake shook Europe in the medieval ages and, presumably, the entire world, by rendering its environments barren and devoid of abundant resources. It seems that in this disaster, societies began to roam the Earth, explaining how such foreign people as samurai, knights, and vikings could realistically cross paths. In these encounters, the three factions became enemies in their quest for survival, provoking a millennium of raging war that lost all purpose over time.

While some wonder the point of it all, a mysterious foe named Apollyon is seemingly behind the continued conflict and benefits from its longevity. We have a sure bet that she'll be the primary antagonist of the game, and, if we're perceptive enough, will be the catalyst for the waging factions to unite against to finally bring peace to the world.

What do you make of the trailer and our assumptions? Give us your theories on what For Honor's campaign will be about by clashing in the comments section below.