Tom Clancy's The Division has been rather tame in terms of updates and new content of late, so it's nice that we get to see some more footage of its upcoming expansion, Underground, in a new trailer that was shown off during Microsoft's conference.

There honestly aren't that many exciting or new elements that we can make out, but we do get a look at some of the environments underneath New York that seem to use the kind of erratic lighting that you would usually see in a nightclub. The DLC will include randomly generated missions and treacherous traps to watch out for, but other than that, there's not much else to say. While we'd rather be exploring more of the city that never sleeps above ground, at least this might prove a more substantial update, hopefully satiating players' appetites for more of The Division. It arrives on the 2nd of August on PlayStation 4.

Are you still playing Ubisoft's successful multiplayer shooter? Will Underground have you digging your way back into the game? Get activated in the comments to let us know.