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Gamers are so resistant to new ideas these days that it's a legitimate shock we're not all still playing 8-bit sidescrollers on controllers that resemble plastic bricks. The brief section on PlayStation VR during Sony's press conference this week brought out all of the usual suspects in our live chat: flop, flop, flop.

Well, now's your chance to actually, y'know, try it. Starting tomorrow in North America, the platform holder's rolling out demo stations at more than 30 Best Buy and GameStop stores. The firm promises that by 24th June, that number will have increased to 300 outlets. There's a good chance that you'll be able to get your eyes on this peripheral soon, then.

You can find out which shops near you will have demo stations by entering your ZIP code (why are they called ZIP codes, US readers?) into this website. Playable games will include EVE: Valkyrie, Headmaster, Superhypercube, and Battlezone. We'd implore you to try the latter game, as that one really blew us away earlier in the year. More demos will be added over time.

So then, now's the time to make up your mind. Is virtual reality really as awful as you're all expecting – or is there the nugget of something special here? Even if you remain unconvinced, we'd be surprised if you didn't come away somewhat impressed after experiencing the technology first-hand. It is incredible stuff.

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