skyrim special edition 2.jpg

Our pals over at Digital Foundry have cast their gaze towards the freshly announced The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Special Edition, and they've really put the remaster through the ringer. According to the publication, the Special Edition, coming to PlayStation 4 this October, is no simple re-release - it is, in fact, something of an overhaul of the original game.

We already know that Bethesda is implementing various visual tricks, like dynamic depth of field, to make the remaster shine, but the developer appears to be going one step further, introducing new assets, such as more trees, rocks, and general foliage, alongside new rendering technology. Indeed, it even seems to be bringing over techniques used in Fallout 4, allowing the studio to push for better lighting across the board.

It sounds like quite an improvement over the PlayStation 3 version, then, but it's still a little unfortunate to hear that the all-new Skyrim will apparently be capped at 30 frames per second on Sony's console. That said, as long as the title actually sticks to that figure and doesn't drop every other second, we'll be just fine.

Are you looking forward to replaying Skyrim, or did you miss out the first time around? Shout your foes clean off a cliff in the comments section below.