Horizon: Zero Dawn

Guerrilla's new IP, Horizon: Zero Dawn, seems to look better each time that we see it. In the latest gameplay trailer, we see our protagonist, Aloy, traversing a gorgeous valley, taking care of a few robo-dinos along the way.

We get to see the game's crafting menu, which looks pretty simplistic by RPG standards. A little further on, and after rescuing a villager from a "corrupted" Watcher, we discover that the game will also feature dialogue trees, similar to... Well, pretty much any modern RPG these days.

Far more interesting is the ability to override the mechs wandering the world. Aloy pins down a Broadhead and takes it over, allowing her to travel much faster. The combat, too, is looking rather lovely indeed: the battle against the Corruptor is fast-paced and seems to play out organically, rather than simply hitting it until a meter runs dry.

Overall the game is shaping up very nicely, and we're extremely excited to get our hands on it next year. Are you looking forward to Guerrilla's sci-fi robot stabbing adventure? Use your dialogue tree in the comments section below.