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Hideo Kojima has hinted in an interview with French website Gameblog that he didn't really have to pitch Death Stranding to Sony – and that the level of trust between the two partners is one of the reasons that he signed with the company for his first independent project. "Working with Sony afforded me a lot of freedom, and their support has been exceptional," he beamed.

He explained: "For example, if this had been with a 'normal' company, right now, I'd be preparing a pitch for my game, we'd be looking for financing, explaining what we wanted to do. Like with a Kickstarter. With Sony, of course I have to explain my plan to them, but they immediately told me 'go for it, do you what you have to do'. They offered me their trust."

Kojima concluded that, by saving energy not having to pitch the product, he's been afforded the opportunity to simply get started making it, which may be how the developer was able to put together a teaser trailer for the title in just five months. It's good to see that there's a mutual trust between the partners, and we can't wait to see how Death Stranding develops.