Spider-Man PS4 PlayStation 4 1

With the announcement of Spider-Man for the PlayStation 4, we thought that we were looking at some kind of CG trailer. But no! Insomniac Games has confirmed that what you saw was PlayStation 4 gameplay – albeit with some scenes presumably captured from non-gameplay camera angles in order to give things a more cinematic feel.

"I'm begging you, Insomniac – make the actual game look this 'Amazing'," one fan on Twitter punned. The developer responded: "That is the game." In disbelief, another fan queried whether it was gameplay. "Yup," the studio responded. Apparently this one's been in production for some time, so it may not be a million years away.

Who wants to bet that it'll be out in time for Spider-Man Homecoming next summer?

[source twitter.com, via neogaf.com]