A few years ago, Shuhei Yoshida said that Sony Bend's game would make people panic – and now we know what he meant. Days Gone is clearly still quite early – the developer's using placeholder sound effects and animations for its E3 2016 demo – but it definitely appears to have the nugget of a neat idea. And that concept all revolves around one of the most impressive zombie swarms that we've ever seen in a game.

Essentially, this extended demo centres on the lead character trying to escape from a very intelligent horde of corpses. They move in numbers and swarm everywhere, so you'll need to create blockades and distractions in order to try and get a run on them, using equipment that you craft with the resources that you find. It's clearly still very early and is consequently clunky in spots, but we get what the studio's gunning for here, and it seems cool.

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