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From Software, the Japanese studio behind the Dark Souls games, currently has three new titles in production. That's according to Hidetaka Miyazaki, who was speaking ahead of E3 2016 with According to a translation of the interview, one of these titles is a dark fantasy action role-playing game similar to Dark Souls but from a "different angle". That sounds like some kind of Bloodborne successor to us.

The second project is described as a sort of reboot, which is likely to be Armored Core. Miyazaki has expressed an interest in the mech series in the past, so it certainly makes sense. The interview suggests that, whatever brand the company's bringing back, it will take ideas from previous games but will be something new. Meanwhile, the third title that the team's got in production will be something "weird" and out of the organisation's usual wheelhouse.

That's a lot of games. We had been beginning to wonder whether Sony may show a teaser trailer for some kind of Bloodborne follow-up during its press conference next week. It seems a bit early for that, doesn't it? Stranger things have happened, though.

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