destiny rise of iron ps4.jpg

Not too long ago, Destiny's next expansion leaked ahead of its official reveal, which is due to air tomorrow. Dubbed Rise of Iron, it'll apparently contain a new Raid, a new light level cap, new story missions, and new gear. Seems like it'll be your standard Destiny affair, then.

The big difference this time around, though, is that it apparently won't be releasing on PlayStation 3. According to a leak on Bungie's own website - which has since been pulled - Rise of Iron will only be launching on current-gen platforms, and it'll be available from the 20th September.

Now, we don't have the numbers here in front of us, but we doubt that many Guardians are still taking the fight to the darkness on PS3. That said, we probably would have bet on Bungie dropping the ageing consoles with Destiny 2 rather than an expansion. Oh well.

In any case, are you looking forward to seeing what Rise of Iron brings to the sci-fi shooter? We'll see you tomorrow for the official reveal, so don't forget to reload in the comments section below.