So, we posted our First Impressions of the Resident Evil 7 demo a couple of days ago, and we liked it. We walked through the back door and also picked up the phone upstairs, with both endings concluding in a punch to the face from the newly named "family man". And that's the end of the demo, right? Maybe not.

Within the demo, players have found two items that appear to be completely useless: the dummy finger and the axe. This struck the community as a bit odd because Capcom has said that the demo is completely separate from the full game and so this raises the question: why are these items present if they're not needed within a self-contained demo?

This has begun speculation that there is a secret ending to the demo, very similar to the final cutscene of P.T. which revealed Silent Hills. And this speculation has been fuelled even further by Capcom themselves. Resident Evil representatives at E3 have been telling people who played the demo that there is actually four or five endings, and Resident Evil community manager Gala Morgane refuses to comment on the situation. In a tweet querying her on the finger and the axe, she said: "I'm not gonna say anything!" Could this suggest there really is more to the demo than what meets the eye?

The community is currently stuck on what to do with the dummy finger and the axe, but video evidence of a new door opening up in the attic did come to light today. You can watch it below.

So, do we really have another P.T. secret ending on our hands, or is Capcom just sending us on a wild goose chase? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

[source neogaf.com]