street fighter v ibuki.jpg

Ever since Street Fighter V launched in February, Capcom's had a tough time trying to communicate with fans. The brawler is meant to be a platform that's constantly growing and evolving, but between content delays, communication cock-ups, and a supposedly stretched post-release development cycle, the Japanese company just can't seem to catch a break.

The latest casualty in this war of broken dreams is Ibuki, the title's next additional character. As many of you will know, Capcom previously promised that it would unleash one new character per month, starting with Alex back in March, followed by Guile in April. Ibuki was lined up as May's offering, but, in case you haven't checked the date, it's now the 1st June.

Fortunately, Capcom's at least got the word out with regards to what's going on with the cunning kunoichi. Posting on Twitter, the developer states "we wanted to clear up the confusion around the release of Ibuki in #SFV. She will be released alongside Story Mode at the end of June."

So, we've got another delay on our hands, but are you really bothered? Take the extra time to master Guile in the comments section below.