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Close the case

Ubisoft turned the gaming industry on its head today, indicating that Watch Dogs protagonist Aiden Pearce's iconic cap™ will be replaced by iconic Ray-Ban® glasses instead. The sensational news emerged on famous video game player The Rad Brad's popular Twitter account, where he posted a picture of a gift that he received from the French publisher. Companies often send YouTubers presents because they say nice things about their games.

The eye-catching photograph – snapped using one of those smartphones that all of the kids have – was strategically positioned to show off the Watch Dogs 2 logo, as well as an iconic Ray-Ban® glasses case. The picture is totally authentic, however, and not a carefully coordinated marketing move between Ubisoft and The Rad Brad at all. Regular readers will remember artwork of a hipster looking protagonist sporting what looked like Ray-Ban® glasses from a few weeks ago.

All will be revealed at E3 2016.