To arms!

You might have missed it amid the excitement over Uncharted 4, Doom and Overwatch, but Sega launched Valkyria Chronicles Remastered on the PS4 recently. A loving re-release of one of the finest PS3 exclusives, this new offering is accompanied by the first western release of the game's excellent soundtrack, composed by the legendary Hitoshi Sakimoto.

If that name isn't instantly familiar, then worry not, as there's an excellent chance that you've already heard some of Sakimoto's work before. Final Fantasy Tactics, Gradius V, Radiant Silvergun, Final Fantasy XII, Dragon's Crown, Odin Sphere - these are just a handful of the 80 or so games he has contributed music to. Sakimoto's soundtrack to Valkyria Chronicles is a particular highlight, featuring the kind of rousing military tunes and soulful, touching melodies that have become his trademark.

Speaking about the soundtrack now, Sakimoto says:

When we first started out, the development team for Valkyria Chronicles was quite small, but full of hot-blooded members with a keen fighting spirit. We really wanted to show what Japanese game developers could accomplish. While the team of course expanded over the course of development, I believe we were able to retain that love and passion until the very end. Welkin and Alicia really embody this spirit of determination. Wouldn't we all like to love and live as strongly as they do? I see this soundtrack as a page from my youth, and I hope it resonates with fans of the game.

The two-disc soundtrack is available now via iTunes - Desperate Battle is and always will be a firm favourite in the Push Square office: