nioh art.jpeg

The Nioh alpha demo is set to leave the PlayStation Store tomorrow, so today is your last chance to get stuck into this tough samurai slash-'em-up. As far as we're aware, the demo won't allow you to play unless you're connected to its servers, meaning that even if you have it downloaded onto your PS4 right now, you won't be able to jump in once the servers go offline, which, we assume, will happen tomorrow.

It's also worth mentioning that by beating the demo, you'll get an item that you can use in the full release, which is due to launch later this year. We'd recommend at least giving the demo a try, anyway - it's perhaps a little unbalanced, but there's definite potential in this project. You can read our own thoughts on the demo by clicking through here.

Have you already given this a try? What did you think of it? Wave goodbye in the comments section below.