blood and wine 9.png

Following its launch almost exactly one year ago, CD Projekt Red set about improved The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt's technical performance on PlayStation 4 via numerous game updates - but it's still not perfect. During particularly busy scenarios, the title's still prone to dropping a few frames here and there, but thankfully, it's never enough to have a negative impact on the experience.

It's interesting, then, that the Polish developer reckons Blood and Wine - the game's upcoming expansion - will run better on consoles than the main release. Speaking to Eurogamer, senior environment artist Len de Gracia hints that the add-on will likely run at a solid 30 frames-per-second from the word go. "We are still aiming for [30fps] but for the most part we have already hit it," she states. ""In certain places we still need to run through stuff and try to optimise it the best we can, but in comparison to Witcher 3, production has been way smoother," de Gracia adds.

That's not all, though. The developer also reveals that the expansion actually looks better than Wild Hunt thanks to graphical techniques that the studio didn't utilise when making the main game. "Generally it is a graphics upgrade from the base game," de Gracia comments. She continues: "80, 85, probably even 90 per cent of the assets - in terms of environment that you find in this game - are brand new [...] we just wanted to show that we can actually push it to the limit this time."

Those of you who have played through Geralt's adventure will know that it can look gorgeous at times, so we're looking forward to seeing just how much of an improvement Blood and Wine is when it releases at the end of this month. Are you excited to explore Toussaint? Watch the sunset in the comments section below.