The Talos Principle PS4 PlayStation 4 1

We were huge fans of the original Talos Principle when it finally arrived on the PlayStation 4 late last year, and it looks like we'll be getting a sequel. During a post-mortem talk of the puzzling original at the Nordic Game Conference, Alen Ladavac, CTO at Croteam, took to the stage to say that a sequel is happening. This was tweeted out by an audience member, which was then re-tweeted by Croteam itself.

The Talos Principle originally released on PC in December 2014, but PlayStation fans were made to wait until late 2015 to get their hands on it. We assume that the sequel will release day and date with its PC counterpart this time around, and we couldn't be more excited. And after giving the original a 9/10, who can blame us?

We can't wait to redirect light, bend time, and short circuit some turrets all over again.

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