King of Fighters 2000 PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Who says we don't write about The King of Fighters here? Everyone in this thread for starters. Here's news that should sate the vocal minority, though: The King of Fighters 2000 is coming to the PlayStation 4 as an enhanced PlayStation 2 classic next week – well, in North America at least. These re-releases have generally launched simultaneously in Europe too, so look out for it.

Because we know exactly nothing about this game – Terry Bogard better be in it! – we're going to lazily copy and paste its description from the PlayStation Blog: "The King of Fighters 2000 brings back the elements that made the success of its prequel KOF '99 a huge success, while making the gameplay more accessible to an even wider audience. Numerous hero characters from SNK's nostalgic franchises join the roster, giving assistance to their team members via the new Active Striker gameplay feature."

Cut us some slack – it is a Bank Holiday, after all.