teenage mutant ninja turtles mutants in manhattan ps4.jpg

Hey, did you know that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan is out on PlayStation 4 and, er, PlayStation 3 today? Sadly, we don't have a review for you to read jus yet, but we do have the title's launch trailer, which is packed with gameplay.

From what we can tell, the action's looking pretty great, and as always, we're liking the slightly gritty comic book art style. It's only a short video, but it's sweet all the same - apart from the questionable inclusion of an overused meme at the end of it. If we were Raphael, we would have probably stabbed him.

We'll hopefully have a rad review for you in the near future, but until then, are you interested in this shell-shocking adventure? Recite the theme song in the comments section below.