PlayStation 4 Hardware Sales 1

Sony's released its sales forecasts for the fiscal year which started in April, and they paint a very interesting picture for the PlayStation 4. According to the company, it expects to sell 20 million new-gen systems through the period which ends 31st March, 2017. That's a sizeable increase on previous fiscal years, with the console pulling sales of 17.7 million and 14.8 million in FY15 and FY14 respectively.

So, how's it going to drive such a sizeable increase? Well, a price drop seems logical – but even that may not give the device the boost that it needs to hit its targets. More likely is that a cheaper entry fee for the standard model will be paired with the rumoured PS4K, which the manufacturer clearly expects to drive hardware sales when it eventually launches later in the year.

The platform holder also expects profits to increase fairly significantly year-over-year, up from ‎¥‎88.7 billion to ¥‎135 billion. It explicitly mentions increased software sales as a factor in this, but higher margin hardware may also help. Of course, PlayStation VR is due out in October as well. However it intends to hit these targets, though, one thing's for sure: Sony expects the coming months to be big for PS4.

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