vampyr 7.jpg

It's about time that we got a slightly better look at Vampyr, the promising action role-playing game from Life Is Strange developer DONTNOD. While we'd prefer an informative gameplay video at this point, we won't say no to several new screenshots - even if they're all gloomy as heck.

Supposedly, these new pics show the duality of protagonist Jonathan Reid - a man who's part doctor, part bloodsucker. A central theme in the upcoming PlayStation 4 game, you'll have to battle your way through moral choices as you decide how to further your vampiric powers. According to the press release, the title's London setting will be altered depending on your feeding habits. For example, if you kill a fellow doctor, the health of citizens in the area will worsen, and you'll have to carry the guilt. Ambitious stuff.

Take a look for yourself and let us know if you're giving your gnashers a good brush in the comments section below.

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vampyr 6.jpg