destiny rise of iron leak

Destiny's upcoming expansion, of which we've known very little about until now, appears to have leaked. The add-on's key artwork appeared on Reddit overnight, and sources familiar with Bungie have apparently confirmed to Kotaku that it's legitimate.

As you can see from the above image, the expansion, entitled Rise of Iron, will feature Lord Saladin - he's the guy who turns up whenever the Iron Banner multiplayer event is under way. According to the aforementioned sources, the add-on will boast a new Raid that focusses on the Fallen, something that was originally cut from the shooter's House of Wolves expansion. Makes sense, we suppose.

Rise of Iron will supposedly launch this September, and it'll probably show up at E3 next month in some capacity, we would imagine. Are you looking forward to more Destiny content? Crash your sparrow into the comments section below.

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