Just announced for PlayStation 4, Absolver seems like an interesting concept. Crafted by ex-Ubisoft developers formed under indie banner Sloclap, this is a beat-'em-up with a few twists. According to the studio, Absolver is "a kick-ass online action game, with visceral martial arts style combat [set] in a fantasy world, in which players meet each other seamlessly during their travels". We're not sure it's possible to fit any more buzz words into that sentence.

So from what we gather, you'll inhabit this virtual world alongside other players, who you'll be able to engage in melee combat. "A new story unfolds at each encounter: what are the other's intentions? Will we fight to the death or become allies, trading weapons and teaching each other new attacks?" the PlayStation Blog post reads.

Again, it sounds interesting, and the gameplay that's on show in the title's reveal trailer looks pretty promising. We'll apparently be seeing and hearing more about the game soon, so until we get bombarded with fresh media, let us know if this one's caught your eye in the comments section below.

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