Got to break free

Prison Architect's been sentenced to a 28th June release date on the PlayStation 4. The long anticipated incarceration simulation has sold over a million copies on the PC, and has been transferred to the PlayStation 4 by top UK dev Double Eleven. This one's available both physically and digitally, and if you pre-order now, you'll nab the "All Day and a Night" add-on for free.

But what can you expect should you choose to get banged up with the title? Well, imagine Theme Hospital with a jailbird spin. Your task is to build up your prison on an empty plot of land as more and more convicts are brought to your lock-up. You'll be able to share your layouts online, and there's even a story mode to work your way through.

Will you be handcuffing yourself to this release when it's finally put on parole? Avoid death row in the comments section below.