Just Cause 3 PS4 PlayStation 4 DLC 1

Just Cause 3 [Remember that game? – Ed] is getting mech DLC for reasons that can probably be surmised as: a bunch of Swedish people thought that it was a cool idea. Part of the obnoxiously named Air, Land, and Sea season pass, subscribers will get access from 3rd June, while peasants will have to wait until 10th June to cough up their hard-earned cash. Square Enix.

Mech Land Assault – which is the name of the new expansion pack if you're not keeping up – will follow on from its predecessor Sky Fortress, and will include an all-new landmass for That-Guy-with-the-Funny-Accent to destroy. And yes, there's a mech with a gravity gun and a ground pound manoeuvre included – expect the game's framerate to sink to the low teens with this add-on installed.

For those looking to buy the new content on its own, it'll cost you £9.49/$11.99; the season pass can be purchased for £19.99/$24.99. A third and final add-on will launch in late summer with a nautical theme. Are you going gaga over the addition of giant robots to Just Cause 3, and why? Shrug your shoulders and say "Just 'Cause" in the comments section below.