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Surprise, surprise: Homefront: The Revolution has a day one patch that comes "strongly recommended" by developer Dambuster Studios. Apparently, the update offers a "range of performance and frame rate improvements". In other words, if you want the game to run as well as you'd expect, you'll probably want to nab this file before you start playing. Fair warning, we suppose.

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Of course, day one patches are becoming more and more popular, with companies optimising their titles after they've been shipped. For the most part, it's a system that works, but we've certainly seen the strategy go horribly wrong in the past. To be honest, we miss the days when we could just put a disc into our console and - wait. Wait one gosh darn minute, here. Homefront is out this week? Tell us that we're not the only ones who completely forgot in the comments section below.

[source homefront-game.com, via videogamer.com]