Look, this author's probably the least funny person on the planet – but whether you're a budding comedian or not, you've got to know when to quit. Dead Island: Retro Rampage desperately doubles down on its dodgy "jokes", however, managing to wrap everything abhorrent about Internet humour into 90 seconds of ear-splittingly bad stand-up, presented by the lovechild of Angry Joe and Jack Black.

This trailer may very well be the worst one that we've seen all year – and rest assured, we've seen all of the Battleborn clips. For f**k's sake – remember when people were getting their panties in a twist over Dead Island's "emotional" deceased daughter trailer? What the hell has happened to this franchise? Who's running it into the ground? Why does this exist?

Want to know the worst part about the video? Someone on Deep Silver's PR team used the word "awesome" in the email subject line to describe it. We have a sneaking suspicion that said lackey is currently staring absent-mindedly into a half-empty bottle of absinthe. Obliteration is the only escape folks!

(Drink responsibly – even if you did endure the entirety of this godawful trailer.)

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