mighty no 9.jpg

Mighty No.9's been stuck between a rock(man) and a hard place for as long as we can remember, and its situation doesn't seem to be improving, even as we near its 21st June release date. The crowdfunded sidescroller looks as rough as ever in its newest trailer, and the 800 dislikes that sit on its YouTube page reinforce that opinion.

Now before we go off on one, we should point out that the gameplay itself doesn't look terrible - we're not sure that it ever has done - it's just incredibly difficult to stay positive about such a clearly troubled project. And that wince inducing narration doesn't really help, does it? Needless to say, the video's getting torn to bits around the 'net, but we suppose that's all but expected when you put out a trailer like this a month before launch.

We've had our say, but what do you think? Is there promise in Mighty No.9, or is it dead on eventual arrival? Ponder the concept of crowdfunding in the comments section below.