star ocean 5 cast.jpg

Star Ocean fans will know all too well that the fourth game in the series was torn to bits for its now infamously annoying English voice work, so there's some pressure on Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness to get things right. The upcoming action role-playing game has thankfully sounded fine up until now, but a couple of new character trailers have us looking at the release with one slightly raised eyebrow.

The two party members featured in the fresh trailers are Fiore and Victor. The former appears to be your spell-slinging ally, while the latter seems like the stern and tanky type. Sure, the gameplay looks reasonably good, but the voice acting just sounds so lacklustre. We're hopeful that the characters will sound a lot better during actual play - without the rough video editing - but it's safe to say that we're not entirely sold just yet. Oh well, at least we'll have the option to switch to the original Japanese audio if it all goes wrong.

What do you think of the English dub? Give the trailers a watch and a listen, then cast your doubts in the comments section below.