Metal Gear Solid Ford Commercial

There's the odd ad every now and then where video game publishers will unite with companies to advertise something that never fails to surprise. Among many examples, Konami is no stranger to this with the Metal Gear franchise by promoting Doritos and a Japanese energy drink. Nintendo has even teamed up with Mercedes-Benz by airing commercials and giving away Mario Kart 8 DLC to show off its latest car models. But what if Konami took a stab at promoting vehicles? We thankfully don't have to have an essential life question such as this consume our everyday thoughts, because the controversial entity has apparently cut a deal with Ford.

There are two ads in question that highlight two Ford cars, and the first is the Fusion Titanium. Besides having access to cutting-edge military technology and devices, Solid Snake really has it on his mind according to Psycho Mantis as he lists off all of its features. The second is even more baffling, with David Hayter and Paul Eiding reprising their respective Metal Gear Solid roles in a nostalgic codec conversation that quickly turns into a fawning briefing on the Focus SE. While we think that these commercials are a bit sad considering this might be a good reflection of how Konami plans to exploit Kojima's creation, we can't deny that they put a big, humorous smile on our faces.

What do you make of these videos? Are they as confusing as nanomachines, or did you get a good chuckle out of them? Tune in to our frequency in the comments section below to let us know what you think.