naruto storm 4 sound ninja.jpg

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 is getting its final downloadable content pack next month. Unlike previous add-ons, which focussed on adding new scenarios to the game's adventure more, this last instalment adds four brand new playable characters to the mix.

The Sound Four have apparently been requested by fans for quite a while, and now they're finally entering the fray. Boasting varied fighting styles, each one of them looks like they'll be a blast to play, and as usual, the pack will also include a bunch of new combination secret techniques and costumes. The add-on launches on the 10th May, and you'll be able to grab it at no extra cost if you own the season pass.

Will you be testing your skills as the Sound Four? Have you been keeping up with the DLC? Show us your horrific final form in the comments section below.