Apparently in development since last year, Dynasty Warriors: Eiketsuden has been revealed overnight. Not quite Dynasty Warriors 9, Eiketsuden is Omega Force's first stab at a strategy role-playing game, where units move on a grid and you follow a plot that features fantasy elements. Dynasty Warriors poster boy Zhao Yun is the main character.

According to a load of information translated by Gematsu, the title mixes in elements from the main hack and slash series. You only control one commanding unit, for example, while the artificial intelligence handles your allies. What's more, when combat occurs, proceedings switch to action scenes, but it sounds as though you won't have any direct control over your character during this time. The game's supposedly 70 per cent complete, and will launch in Japan later this year.

Would you like to see this one come West? Await the inevitable announcement trailer in the comments section below.

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