Is it really that time already? It feels like a matter of days have passed since April's big PlayStation Plus update was announced, but we're expecting Sony to outline May's roster of freebies later this week. That's already sent the rumour mill into overdrive, with tweets flying around regarding the possibility of Watch Dogs and Tetris Ultimate being the next batch of PlayStation 4 giveaways. All of the supposed "leaks" look fake to us.

Still, if the line-up were to consist of Ubisoft's best-selling sandbox and its interpretation of the world's most famous puzzle game, would you be satisfied? New releases due on 3rd May – when we expect the PlayStation Plus freebies to be available – include eccentric multiplayer game Push Me Pull You, The Park, and Shadow Complex Remastered. We'd actually be thrilled with any of those three – though we may be alone.

Still, that's the entire point of this article: for you to tell us which games you'd love to get as part of your PlayStation Plus subscription in May. Have a think, and then post your realistic suggestions in the comments section below.