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The internet's still reeling from the news that PS4K seems to be the real deal, but the details just won't stop dripping. On the latest Giant Bombcast - the podcast of Giant Bomb, the publication that initially revealed the contents of the PS4K technical documents - it's pointed out that Sony "won't allow a display buffer of lower than 1080p" on the supercharged console. In other words, games that take advantage of the PS4K's additional power will be required to run at a minimum resolution of 1080p.

While it's worth mentioning that the majority of titles already available on PS4 have no trouble reaching 1080p anyway, it's nice to see that Sony's putting its foot down with what should certainly be a minimum requirement in this day and age.

Likewise, the Japanese company will also be ensuring that games never run at a worse frame rate on PS4K than they do on a standard PS4. To put that into context, a release like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, which has some frame rate issues here and there, will need to stay above the mark on PS4K. Consequently, this means that developers won't be able to overdo it in the visual effects department to a point where they damage the title's frame rate. Sounds good to us.

So, are you on board with PS4K yet? Are you happy that Sony will supposedly be ensuring each title's quality on its upgraded system? See everything more clearly in the comments section below.