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PlayStation helped propel Sony to a very profitable financial year, with the company's operating income up 329 per cent to ¥294.2 billion (~$2.7 billion). The company's gaming division played a huge part in that, its own sales up 11 per cent, with profits doubling to ¥‎88.7 billion (~$819 million). For a snapshot of just how well the Japanese giant's doing, the PlayStation Network alone raked in more revenue than the entirety of Nintendo over the same period.

The PlayStation 4 has now shipped 40 million units globally, up from the 35.9 million announced in January – though that figure represented the number of formats sold directly through to consumers. The success of PlayStation, however, was offset by a 20 per cent plunge in smartphone sales – although Sony Pictures and Sony Music all had decent years, too.

This all paints a much, much rosier picture of Sony than we're used to, as there was a period a few years back where the company was making financial loss after financial loss. Fortunately, it seems much leaner and hungrier under the leadership of Kaz Hirai, and if it could just sort out its challenged mobile division, then it'd be doing pretty darn well overall. It's quite incredible how the former PlayStation executive has managed to turn things around.

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