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Remember the days when Sony perpetually felt like one flop away from financial catastrophe? This author does – after all, Push Square was founded during some dark times for the Japanese manufacturer. The company's doing much, much better under the leadership of Kaz Hirai, however, and PlayStation especially is in a positive place.

One tidbit that's emerged from the firm's latest financials is that the PlayStation Network alone made more revenue over the course of the last fiscal year than the entirety of Nintendo's business. It's true: the PlayStation maker's online platform pulled in ‎¥‎529.1 billion (~$4.8 billion) compared to the House of Mario's ¥504.4 billion (~$4.6 billion).

It's perhaps worth mentioning, though, that in terms of profit – the part that actually matters – there wasn't an absolutely gigantic difference between the two companies, with PlayStation bringing home ¥‎88.7 billion (~$819 million) compared to Nintendo's ¥32.8 billion (~$303 million). Considering the clear daylight between the Wii U and PS4, it's evident that Nintendo runs a very efficient ship.

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