Sony Interactive Entertainment PS4

Yes, it's still 1st April in some parts of the world – though the period of pranks is surely over globally at this point – but the formation of Sony Interactive Entertainment is no joke. You may remember us reporting on this a few weeks ago – well, now the deed is done, the documents are signed, and the new logo is online. We wonder if the updated moniker will appear at the start of Ratchet & Clank in a couple of weeks…

Either way, Sony Computer Entertainment – the company in control of PlayStation since the early 90s – is now no more. In reality, not a whole lot is changing: Sony Network Entertainment will be brought into the fold, allowing it to better integrate key online services like PlayStation Now and PlayStation Vue. There's also been some boardroom shuffling, but all of the names that you're familiar with remain.

"Our full integration won't happen overnight," SIEA [This is going to take some getting used to – Ed] president Shawn Layden wrote on the PlayStation Blog. "But the work is well underway and I'm delighted to report that we are tracking ahead of schedule." In his revised role, the animated executive will also oversee Sony's Worldwide Studios, working alongside the likes of Shuhei Yoshida, Scott Rohde, and Michael Denny.

"I have enormous respect, and limitless devotion, for the creators, artists, and engineers within our Worldwide Studios, and I'm eager to be back in the business of helping developers realise their dreams," he continued. "And to our faithful and discerning PlayStation community, I thank you for your dedication, your enthusiasm, and your trust as we embark on a new journey as Sony Interactive Entertainment."