Fear Effect PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Bloody nora, remember Fear Effect? The original remains one of the PSone's most iconic games; the sequel, with its overly sexualised characters, less so. The cool thing is that it's making a comeback – well, if indie developer Sushee can raise enough money on Kickstarter, that is. Basically, publisher Square Enix has given the French firm its blessing to use the brand via its Square Enix Collective initiative; this is an indie game using a dormant AAA IP, then.

And with a ten person team in charge, you shouldn't be expecting a big budget third-person shooter like the originals. Instead, it's taking inspiration from Shadowrun Returns to create a tactical, isometric game, leveraging familiar faces from the original foray. It honestly sounds pretty cool, with the cel-shaded art style from the original intact. The crowd funding campaign will launch next week, with the PlayStation 4 being a stretch goal on top of a €100,000 target.

[source eurogamer.net]