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Right, it's time to settle this once and for all. Maybe. Dark Souls III has been out for about a week now on PlayStation 4 - at least here in the West - so we're going to assume that many of you have put a decent amount of time into this supposed final entry. With that in mind, we want you to tell us what your favourite Souls game is, and yes, of course we're including Bloodborne in the running.

Perhaps you fell in love with the initial strangeness of the still awkwardly named Demon's Souls, or maybe you think that the somewhat divisive Dark Souls II is the most enjoyable of the bunch? Whatever your opinion, make sure to vote in our poll, and then dump all of your souls into the comments section below.

Which of the following is the best Souls game? (98 votes)

  1. Demon's Souls is still the best17%
  2. The first Dark Souls is unbeatable17%
  3. It's Dark Souls II for me6%
  4. Dark Souls III has brushed the others aside9%
  5. You simply can't beat a bit of Bloodborne50%

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