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For what it's worth, we reckon that the PlayStation 4 is in a decent position right now. Recently released firmware update v3.50 brought some nice functionality to Sony's home console, including the ability to appear offline, optional friend notifications, and remote play support for PC and Mac. Regardless of how important you think that these additions are, it's clear that the PS4 has taken another step forward - at least to some degree.

Yesterday, however, we posted a brief article outlining what are arguably the most requested trio of features that Sony is yet to implement. Indeed, even though the current-gen machine is hard to fault overall, there are still a few bits and pieces that could be either added or improved upon.

And so, we thought that we'd ask you lot for your own opinions on the matter. How do you think the PS4 is doing right now? Is it in a good spot, or does it need some work? Vote in our poll, and then feel free to rant in the comments section below.

Are you content with the PS4's current firmware situation? (108 votes)

  1. Yes, the console's got just about everything I want14%
  2. It's in a reasonable position, but more could still be done55%
  3. No, Sony needs to add many more features25%
  4. I'm honestly not fussed about firmware6%

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