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It's already been a month's worth of Ben Potter and myself bringing the noise and PlayStation happenings to you wonderful people via the Push Square Podcast – how time flies when you're having fun.

This episode we take a long hard look at the feature Why I Don't Think PS4K Is Okay and discuss the overall necessity of another PS4 model in general. Our super special guest this week is the notorious souls veteran Damien McFerran, who joins us to chat about his Dark Souls III review, of course. In my Indie Bin this week we talk about Assault Android Cactus, the vibrant little twin-stick shooter that's fighting to stay out of the bin and be bestowed with the royal thumbs up. We round off the show, as always, with questions asked by you guys in our forum thread.

Also, thanks to your feedback, the I've Never Played... series is now in full swing with a handful of episodes already live and features a moustache-wearing Potter dutifully guiding me through Uncharted: Drake's Fortune with some funny results.

Show Notes

  • News and Features: 02:12
  • Dark Souls III: 17:29
  • Indie Bin - Assault Android Cactus: 33:58
  • Audience Questions: 38:32

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Ben Potter
Twitter: @Confused_Dude

Ben Tarrant
Twitter: @Ben_Tarrant

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