persona 5 release date.jpg

We're at a point now where people are going to go absolutely bonkers for even the slightest bit of news regarding Persona 5 - and it looks like you're getting some early next month. The game's official Japanese website has been updated with an unmissable countdown timer that's currently set to end in 320 hours, meaning that something big's coming the 5th May. Thanks, maths.

So, what's actually going to be revealed? The most logical guess would be that we're getting a Japanese release date, since the title's still supposed to be launching in the East this summer, but when it comes to Atlus, we guess that nothing's ever certain. Regardless of what we get, though, we just hope that it's worth the wait.

Will you be counting down the hours from now until the 5th May? Will Persona 5 make it West this year? Summon your other self in the comments section below.