dragon quest heroes 2 wolf.jpg

Dragon Quest Heroes II is due out next month in Japan, so Square Enix is understandably starting to push the action role-playing game. The publisher's released a brand new eight-minute trailer that shows off a ton of PlayStation 4 gameplay, and even details many of the title's refreshed systems and additions.

Perhaps the biggest highlight here is the new transformation type monster coin, which allows your character to change into one of the series' iconic beasts and wreak havoc. The video's also keen to show the game's expanded map design, which allows for more exploration and bigger battles.

Co-op play comes into the equation, too, with the trailer explaining that you can fight alongside three other players - even if they're enjoying the PlayStation 3 or Vita versions of the release. Cross-play is a nifty feature, of course, but given that the last-gen edition of the first Dragon Quest Heroes didn't make it West, we wouldn't hold your breath for anything but the PS4 title this time around - although we certainly wouldn't say no to having the game on a handheld.

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