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It seems like, over four years since its original launch, the PlayStation Vita is nearing the end of its run. Reports are swirling that Sony has ceased shipping the system to the Netherlands, with major retailer currently having only two units left in stock. And now a retail source has told NDTV that it's stopping supplying Indian stores with fresh units, too. Typically, this phasing out in smaller regions precedes a global discontinuation.

Of course, we're not there yet. The Japanese giant's second handheld is still selling reasonably well in its home nation, and software sales of smaller games such as Volume have proven more positive than expected. This has led to continued support from indie developers like Drinkbox, which is set to release its hotly anticipated dungeon crawler Severed exclusively on the system this month. There's still a pulse on the platform, then – even if it's getting fainter.

Stock doesn't appear to be plentiful on Amazon in the USA or UK, with most bundles being sold by third-parties. However, regional specialists like GameStop and GAME do seem to be stocking the system. That said, it's probably no surprise to see the console on its last legs – it's been selling poorly for some time now, after all. The positive is that the Vita still has a very vocal and dedicated fanbase, which is keeping it flush with content.

We wouldn't be surprised if the platform holder announced that it was ceasing to manufacture the machine towards the end of this year – it just depends whether it feels it can squeeze a few more sales out of Asia. For now, though, it probably has enough inventory lying around to keep the minuscule demand in Western territories fulfilled until the device is phased out altogether. That'll be a sad day – but surely it won't come as a surprise.

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