Hands up if you played this

One thing that Sony's been doing lately is resurrecting old Psygnosis brands. Shadow of the Beast is set to release next month, of course, but it's also published the likes of Lemmings Touch on the PlayStation Vita. And one forgotten franchise that it appears poised to revisit is The Sentinel, a first-person puzzler created by British programmer Geoff Crammond.

The original first released on the BBC Micro, but its sequel was published by Psygnosis on the PC and PSone. And as spotted by Gematsu, Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe has filed a trademark today for a new game named, er, The Sentinel. We could be reading into things a little too deeply, but we have to assume that they're connected.

While we must admit that we're not intimately familiar with the original game, its perspective and pacing would probably make it a prime candidate for some kind of virtual reality revival. As such, we'd put money on this being announced and shown off at E3 later in the year. As is always the case with these kinds of reports, watch this space.

[source euipo.europa.eu, via gematsu.com]