one piece burning blood vita.jpg

One Piece: Burning Blood is due out this summer here in the West, but over in Japan, the game's out in a week's time. As such, Bandai Namco's been bombarding its Japanese YouTube channel with various gameplay videos and trailers, and today, it's uploaded some relatively rare PS Vita footage.

As we already know, the brawler looks great on PlayStation 4 - it's got an ace amount of detail and the source material's art style has been faithfully recreated - but how does the title fare on Sony's handheld? Well, judging from these gameplay clips, it certainly doesn't look too shabby. Sure, the aforementioned details have been toned down a bit, and the environments aren't as defined, but we reckon that it looks solid on the diminutive device.

Will you be grabbing Burning Blood for your handheld, or will you be fighting on the big screen? Laugh like a fool pirate in the comments section below.