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Rhythm game mainstays Harmonix had a panel on the final day of PAX East. During this panel, the dev outlined its plans for the future of Rock Band 4. There were several smaller announcements, as well as one bombshell reveal: online multiplayer will at last be arriving for the full-band rhythm game.

While no firm release date was given, Harmonix is currently targeting a Holiday 2016 window. It also teased a major expansion is headed our way in the fall with big new features, but said more about that will be shown off down the road. Not only that, but it revealed that May will see some characters from Gearbox's Battleborn become playable in the game to celebrate its release. It's a bit of an odd cross-promotion, but we'll take it nonetheless. Elsewhere, it said that double kick pedal support for the drums in the game will be added in May.

Finally, as far as other big news goes, Harmonix shared that practice mode will finally be making its way to the game starting in June. This, as well as many of the other things that Harmonix announced, is great to see, as it appears to be successfully targeting highly requested features.