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Damn, for a second there, we thought that Capcom was actually doing something right with regards to promoting Street Fighter V. Promotional screenshots of series mainstay Guile have surfaced online following a leak over on the publisher's Facebook page.

The pictures were supposedly published by accident, but were quickly taken down. Thankfully, GameGeekz managed to nab them before they were pulled, and although they're not of the best quality, we have to say that the American military man is looking pretty swish.

What's more, the images also reveal that a new stage is coming to the PlayStation 4 fighter, which looks like it's based upon the airfield stage that originally appeared in Street Fighter II, complete with wooden crates and rowdy onlookers.

It's a shame that Guile's highly anticipated return has leaked in such a way, but honestly, we reckon that Capcom should be way more active with its ongoing project. A few character teasers here and there would go a long way, you know.

In any case, it looks like Mr. Sonic Boom himself will be April's new combatant - but will you be grabbing the nearest comb? Grab some shades and look cool in the comments section below.

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[source gamegeekz.eu, via neogaf.com]