Ratchet & Clank Movie PS4 PlayStation 4 1

The new Ratchet & Clank game is a smash hit; the movie potentially less so. Reviews are starting to roll in for Rainmaker's big screen take on Sony's iconic platforming double-act, and they're pretty brutal. UK newspaper The Telegraph, for example, scored it a 1/5 in an absolutely scathing write-up, describing it as "an hour and a half of loathsome gargoyles yelling gibberish at each other over deafening laser fire, apparently pieced together with all the discernment and care of a fox dragging a torn bin bag around a garden". Ouch.

The rag summarises: "There is a shatteringly unfunny running joke in which Drek's minions fiddle with their mobile phones whenever their master's back is turned: audience members of all ages may feel their texting fingers twitching in sympathy throughout." The paper's not alone, either: Time Out London gave the movie a slightly more promising 2/5, justifying that "at least one gag in five is actually funny", while AV Club concluded that "it sits at the zero point of watchability".

We're sending our very own Joey Thurmond off to see this later in the week, so we'll report back with our own thoughts soon. At least the game's good, though, right? Right?