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Not everyone's happy with their PlayStation Plus subscription at the moment, with the quality of the Instant Game Collection being the biggest point of contention. While we recently outlined some of the issues that Sony may be facing with regards to the service, we thought that it would be fun to share with you three believable perks that the platform holder could introduce to make the membership that much more enticing for existing members. These are intended as additions to the current slate of services and are features that we reckon the manufacturer could implement without increasing the current cost.

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Branch out with PlayStation Video rentals

Unless someone mentions it, we usually forget that the PlayStation Store has a video section. The aptly titled PlayStation Video currently lets you buy or rent movies and television shows, so why not try to tie it into PlayStation Plus subscriptions?

Okay, we get that PlayStation Plus is primarily for people who enjoy playing games ā€“ but Sony could add some real value to the service if it branched out. Giving subscribers the ability to rent a movie from a growing selection once a month seems like a simple, effective way to sweeten the deal to us, while also providing a half-decent reason to visit the PlayStation Video section a little more often.

Prize Draws PlayStation Plus 1

Exclusive entry into monthly prize draws

Everyone likes winning stuff, right? One very obvious perk for PlayStation Plus members could be the ability to enter exclusive prize draws. The rewards could range from small things like PlayStation Network credit and downloadable games, through to much bigger prizes such as Champions League tickets or collector's editions. The impact to Sony's bottom line would be negligible, and while there'd be no guarantee that you'd win, limiting entry to PlayStation Plus subscribers only would certainly narrow the pool.

Uncharted 4 PS4 PlayStation 4 Free Game Trials

Try before you buy with free PS4 game trials

Sony already tested the waters with this concept back on the PlayStation 3, but we reckon that it's a pretty neat idea that would be worth reviving on the PS4. Essentially, it'd be nice if PlayStation Plus subscribers could take new-gen games for a quick spin before buying them.

This would likely involve some sort of timed trial period, where you'd get an hour or so to play before the content's locked out. Ideally, Sony would add new games to the available selection of trials on a monthly basis, and over time, we'd have a pretty varied collection to rummage through.

Of course, the main issue with this suggestion is that you'd potentially be dealing with some big downloads ā€“ and then you might not even buy the games in question. Still, the practicality of trying out a title that you're interested in before opening your wallet would surely be an attractive addition to your subscription.

Which of the above perks would you most like to see added to your PlayStation Plus subscription? Are there any other believable bonuses that you'd like to see Sony consider? Level up your membership in the comments section below.

Which of the following perks would you most appreciate? (118 votes)

  1. Monthly access to free PlayStation Video movie rentals47%
  2. Entry into PlayStation Plus exclusive prize draws21%
  3. Free one hour game trials for blockbuster PS4 releases32%

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[ Words: Robert Ramsey, Sammy Barker ]